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Q:    Why have my seat done by you, I can go and buy a seat from
         one of those large aftermarket seat manufactures?

A:    We will give you exactly what you want and how you want it!
        We will resulpture your existing seat, fitting you to the seat and the bike.
        After that is complete then we sew the cover.  No need to buy another seat.  

Q:    What kind of materials do you use?

A:    We use leather, alligator, stingray, ostrich, vinyls, pretty much whatever you want.  

Q:    Does Gel Pads really work?  Does it wear-out?

A:    I'm asked these questions all the time.

       First of all I use "Visco-Elastic Polymer" Inserts, these are the best there is, period.

       If properly installed they work great !

       By using an insert in your seat you can

       extend the ride to 50% to 75% longer before stopping and resting the ol' butt.

       As far as wearing out, I have been using Pro-Pad Polymer inserts for years, and

       I have had no complaints yet.  

 Q:   What is your turn around time on Gel Pad inserts?

 A:   Usually 1 to 2 day turn around, or call and set up an appointment and have
        it installed while you wait.

 Q:   Will the height of my seat change when the insert pad is installed?

 A:   No.  The seat will look exactly like it did before installation of the polymer-pad.


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